1) external appearance of a clearly defined area, as distinguished from color or material; configuration:
a triangular form[/ex]
2) the shape of a thing or person
3) anat. a body, esp. that of a human being
4) clo a dummy having the same measurements as a human body, used for fitting or displaying clothing
5) something that gives or determines shape; a mold
6) a particular condition, character, or mode in which something appears:
water in the form of ice[/ex]
7) the manner or style of arranging and coordinating parts for a pleasing or effective result, as in literary or musical composition
8) fia the organization, placement, or relationship of basic elements, as lines and colors in a painting or volumes and voids in a sculpture, so as to produce a coherent image; the formal structure of a work of art
9) bio a particular kind, type, species, or variety, esp. of a zoological group
10) cry the combination of all the like faces possible on a crystal of given symmetry
11) due or proper shape; orderly arrangement of parts; good order
12) pho Philos.
a) pho the structure, organization, or essential character of something, as opposed to its matter
b) (cap.) Platonism
idea 8), c)
c) Aristotelianism. that which places a thing in its particular species or kind
13) a set, prescribed, or customary order or method of doing something
14) a set order of words, as for use in religious ritual or in a legal document; formula
15) a document with blank spaces to be filled in with particulars:
a tax form[/ex]
16) a conventional method of procedure or behavior:
society's forms[/ex]
17) procedure according to a set order or method
18) conformity to the usages of society; formality; ceremony
19) manner or method of performing something; technique:
The violinist displayed excellent form[/ex]
20) physical condition or fitness, as for performing:
a tennis player in peak form[/ex]
21) gram.
b) a particular shape of a word that occurs in more than one shape: In I'm, 'm is a form of am
c) a word with a particular inflectional ending or other modification: Goes is a form of go
d) the external shape or pattern of a word or other construction, as distinguished from its meaning, function, etc
22) bui temporary boarding or sheeting of plywood or metal for giving a desired shape to poured concrete, rammed earth, etc
23) edu a grade or class of pupils in a British secondary school or in certain U.S. private schools
24) a bench or long seat
25) pri an assemblage of printing types, leads, etc., secured in a chase to print from
26) to construct or frame
27) to make or produce
28) to serve to make up; compose; constitute:
Three citizens form the review board[/ex]
29) to place in order; arrange; organize
30) to frame (ideas, opinions, etc.) in the mind
31) to contract or develop (habits, friendships, etc.)
32) to give form or shape to; shape; fashion
33) to give a particular form or shape to:
Form the dough into squares[/ex]
34) to mold or develop by discipline or instructions
35) gram. to produce (a word or class of words) by adding an affix, combining elements, or changing the shape of the form: to form the plural by adding -s
36) to take or assume form
37) to be formed or produced:
Ice began to form on the window[/ex]
38) to take a particular form or arrangement:
The ice formed in patches across the window[/ex]
Etymology: 1175–1225; ME forme < OF < L fōrma form, mold, sort, ML: seat form′a•ble, adj. form′a•bly, adv.

From formal English to slang. 2014.


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